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Dedicated to building a greener future

We are dedicated to building a greener future by continuously improving our hardware, software, and peopleware. We adopt the latest eco-friendly practices and incorporate universal environmental standards into our operating procedures.
With continuous efforts in improving service quality as well as enhancing operational efficiency, we have received several certifications, including ISO9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environmental), ISO10002 (Customer Satisfaction) and ISO45001 (Occupational Health and Safety), ISO41001 (Facility), and ISO50001 (Energy) Management Systems Certifications as well as Hygiene Control System Certification.

Enhancing Sustainable Performance with Certifications

To enhance the sustainable performance of our managed properties, some properties have received the BEAM Plus certification, WiredScore certification, Zero-Carbon-Ready Building Certification, etc. to enhance our sustainable development performance.

Beam Plus Certification

The BEAM Plus certification sets out performance criteria for sustainability issues relating to the planning, design, construction, commissioning, fitting out, management, operation and maintenance of buildings, as recognised and certified by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (“HKGBC”). Properties with BEAM Plus certification include:

Final Platinum Rating in the BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0 Comprehensive Scheme - Olympian City, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, Empire Centre, Hong Kong Pacific Centre, Gold Coast Piazza, Skyline Tower, Cameron Plaza, Ritz Plaza, Sino Plaza and Citywalk.

Final Gold Rating in the BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0 Comprehensive Scheme - 38 Repulse Bay Road (Common Area), Corporation Park and Hollywood Centre.

Good grade in the BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0 Selective Scheme by Portfolio Assessment Mechanism - 148 Electric Road, Citywalk 2, Futura Plaza, Parkland Centre & Shatin Galleria; Bowen's Lookout, Pan Asia Centre, The Hennessy and Three Bays.

Satisfactory grade in the BEAM Plus Existing Building V2.0 Selective Scheme – Exchange Tower.

WiredScore Certification

Skyline Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre have obtained WiredScore certifications. Skyline Tower has reached the highest Platinum certification level while Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre have been awarded Gold certifications for their outstanding in-building digital connectivity and infrastructure. A WiredScore-certified building can minimise the risk of connectivity loss and interruptions, and ensure that the building can stay abreast of digital innovation.

Zero-Carbon-Ready Building Certification

Multiple managed properties have been awarded Energy Performance Certificates under the Zero-Carbon-Ready Building Certification Scheme, issued by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). The certification acknowledges our efforts in combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions.


Improving Energy Efficiency with Technology

We continue to deploy innovative solutions to enhance energy efficiency at our properties. Here are some of the initiatives we have undertaken:
  • Implementing innovative ways to enhance the energy efficiency of our operations, including installing high-efficiency, variable speed tri-rotor screw chillers, electronically commutated motors, a band screen filtration system to improve sea water quality for heat exchanger of the central chiller plant, an electromagnetic induction descaling device, a 24-hour monitoring and automatic control system for condenser water circuits, among others.
  • Minimising power consumption in the areas of lighting, electrical appliances and equipment, air-conditioning as well as lifts and escalators through implementing energy-saving measures.
  • Adopting the latest power regeneration technology in lift installations, which can recover up to 30% of energy consumption.
  • Establishing a centralised intelligent building management platform to monitor and enhance the operation efficiency of building facilities.
  • Conducting retro-commissioning for the central chiller system, through the use of data tracing, professional analysis and diagnosis to develop a scientific-based optimisation scheme that enables continuous improvement.
  • Partnering with CLPe Solutions and Automated Logic for the digital transformation of our technical services to reduce energy consumption.
  • Deployed CLP PlantPro to improve the operation and maintenance of chiller plants in Olympian City 3 and Island Resort Mall, reducing approximately 7% in energy consumption of the Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning (MVAC) system.
  • Implemented an AI-based platform called Automated Logic Chiller Plant Optimiser in Olympian City 1 to enable a reduction of 5-10% in energy usage across the entire Chiller Plant, further optimising the energy efficiency in the MVAC system.

Renewable Energy

Sustainability - Renewable Energy

We strive to promote the use of renewable energy while raising awareness among our stakeholders. Here are some of our achievements in this area to date:

  • Installed over 4,000 photovoltaic panels at properties under the Group’s management in Hong Kong – equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 315 three-member families.
  • Implemented a photovoltaic system in China Hong Kong City, one the largest-scale installations at a commercial building in Kowloon.

Green Transportation

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have the potential to significantly reduce our collective impact on our climate, while reducing energy costs for our stakeholders. We believe that a comprehensive network of charging stations is crucial to promoting the widespread adoption of EVs. The Group has been actively working with different business partners to expand the coverage of EV charging stations at its properties.

At China Hong Kong City, we partnered with Halo Energy Limited to adopt a load management system for EV charging facilities. The system fully utilises the limited electricity resource and enables more charging spots for enhanced EV charging services. Furthermore, the Group partnered with Shell Hong Kong Limited and Halo to establish the Shell Recharge charging station, including three super-fast chargers and an ultra-fast 300kW charger.

We have plans to install more than 3,000 EV chargers at 21 of our managed properties under the Hong Kong Government’s EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme.

Waste Management

We integrate waste management practices into all aspects of our daily operations, and organise programmes and initiatives to educate and engage employees, customers and tenants in waste reduction, recycling and upcycling efforts.

We adopt sustainable practices in our daily operations, including:

Treatment of used materials or waste

Reduction of waste

Use of sustainable materials

Use of recyclable materials

Reduction of greenhouse gases

Conservation of nature and landscaping

The residential properties, shopping malls, offices and industrial buildings under our management have a comprehensive food waste management programme in place to reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfills. Here are some of the key initiatives:
  • Installing decomposers at several properties to convert food waste into gas, wastewater or organic fertilisers. This helps divert food waste away from landfills, where it would generate methane and other harmful emissions.
  • Apart from onsite food waste management, Best Result and Perfect Green also provide collection services to clients and transport the collected food waste to O · PARK1 for conversion into biogas.
Sustainability - Waste Management

We engage our stakeholders to participate in plastic and waste reduction initiatives, including the deployment of reverse vending machines for recycling plastic beverage bottles in Hong Kong. Plastic bottles collected through the reverse vending machines are sent to a contractor and transformed into plastic flakes for the production of recycled plastic products.

Stakeholder Engagement


Sino Property Services actively supports various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and disadvantaged members of our society through volunteer services, donations and supporting good causes.

Since 2002, we have been recognised as a ‘Caring Company’ by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, and have been awarded the 20 Consecutive Years Caring Company Logo.

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