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Leveraging technology to enhance service efficiency

Our professional team combines a wealth of expertise with innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence, to enhance service efficiency and deliver a truly unique customer experience.

Property Management


A Centralised Smart Resource Management System

The Smart Resource Management System is a centralised platform that consolidates all of the existing systems, including the MVAC system, lighting and power system, lifts and escalators system, and grid-connected photovoltaic system. The platform enables the real-time monitoring of performance across all systems, including electricity generation from the PV panels, generating relevant carbon emission numbers, and facility operation. Additionally, it records the energy performance of each site and facilitates performance comparisons between sites for continual improvement.

Other Systems

Air side system - This system continuously monitors the performance of air distribution and makes auto adjustments referencing to the real-time collected data for better energy efficiency.

Power consumption system – This system includes energy distribution pattern analysis, power tracking, smart metering and emergency power management for better monitoring.

Lifts and escalators system – Utilising artificial intelligence, this system learns from past data and predicts future statistics. By doing so, it helps to reduce breakdown rates and improve the reliability of lifts and escalators.

Smart grid-connected photovoltaic system – In our commitment to renewable energy, we have installed over 4,000 photovoltaic panels across our managed properties (which generate clean energy equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 315 three-member families). The PV panels are connected to a centralised system for better central management.

Central air conditioning system – This system is equipped with high-efficiency chillers and water pumps, together with variable-speed devices, and its power supply system can supply power on demand. Using artificial intelligence for energy optimisation, coupled with a centralised monitoring system, it can achieve a remarkable energy savings of 20-40% after optimisation.

Parking Services

Smart Load Management System for EV Charging

To cope with the increasing demand for electric vehicles (“EV”) charging facilities, Sino Parking has actively expanded the coverage of EV charging stations with the Smart Load Management System, which enables the number of EV chargers to be increased by 2 – 3 times even with limited electricity supply. 

Licence Plate Recognition System

By capturing and identifying car licence plate numbers, this system enables seamless carpark access. Vehicles can enter and exit carparks without stopping, improving traffic efficiency and enhancing customers’ parking experience.

Sino Parking App

The Sino Parking App provides customers with convenient access to useful information through their mobile devices, including hourly carpark information, real-time parking space availability and navigation services, enhancing the overall parking experience for users.

Security Services

Smart E-Patrol System

The Smart E-Patrol System provides predefined schedules and guides patrolling staff to scan checkpoints accordingly. The Cloud Service integration in the system enables instant reporting with a photo upload function for accurate record-keeping.

Intruder alarm monitoring service

The Intruder Alarm Monitoring Service provides round-the-clock security monitoring of the premises. It is connected to a security system that is monitored 24/7 by the Central Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS). The controllers at the CAMS continuously monitor the client’s Burglar Alarm System and respond accordingly, depending on the configuration of the system while receiving the alarm activation. The alert system can be customised to meet the client’s specific requirements, ensuring prompt action is taken in the event of a burglar signal.


Environmental Services

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2-in-1 AI-powered Cleaning and Disinfection Robot
  • The Robot can clean and sanitise specific areas following a predefined route. It can provide real-time notifications to staff once the cleaning task is completed or if assistance is required.
  • Equipped with optical radar, the UV Sanitisation Robot performs laser mapping in different areas, scans terrain and obstacles to plan sanitisation routes, and conducts patrols. The use of UVC light effectively destroys the DNA structure of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, inhibiting their ability to reproduce. This makes the Robot particularly suitable for use in high-risk areas, effectively minimising potential risk.
Cleaning Technology
  • The PathoSan System uses the electrochemical activation technique to produce a safe and effective cleaner and sanitiser. By combining high-purity salt, water and electricity, this system eliminates the need for manual dilution, reducing the risk of accidents. The on-demand and on-site production of cleaners and sanitisers also helps minimise operation costs.
  • The Stone Care Machine provides an extraordinary instant cleaning effect without using high pressure water and chemicals. The patented surface cleaning technology from Germany uses small 100% Recycled Cleaning Granulates at high speeds to remove surface pollutants, making it especially suitable for efflorescence removal, and tile & grout cleaning.

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